Versatile, powerful compact tractors

Kioti CK30 Series

If you’re looking for a compact tractor with high specification, something that will make the many different tasks around your farm, estate or other outside areas easier, then the Kioti CK30 Series (25 – 50 hp) might be just what you need. These compact tractors are versatile and powerful. Thanks to the modern streamlined design of the cabin and the one touch single piece engine bonnet, the operator enjoys great visibility and serviceability. And it looks great! There are several different options available, all from 25 to 50 horsepower. Find out which one is the perfect fit for you!

Top features

Why choose a Kioti CK30 Series compact tractor?

The compact tractors in the Kioti CK Series are perfect for a wide variety of tasks. 

Suspended brake pedals

The suspended brake pedals give an increased amount of floor space, adding to the driver comfort and making them easy for the operator to reach.

Easy to maintain

A vertical opening hood allows for easy access to the air filter, fluid service, fuse box and electrical components so that when some maintenance is needed, it’s done in an instant.

kioti cx10 from above
Powerful diesel engine

The ecological water-cooled engine is very fuel-efficient. It’s remarkably quiet and produces negligible levels of vibration. And meets the STAGE V emission guidelines.

Our models in the CK Series

Choose the CK model that best suits your needs.

CK5030 H

The Kioti CK 5030 H/CH models are strong and comfortable all at the same time. With 50 horsepower, a high lift capacity, 4-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine, they will make sure you get the work done. No matter the task. And with a very comfortable cabin with a suspension seat, A/C and an ergonomic operator station, you will do all your tasks in comfort and efficiently. Just one look at this tractor, and you see that power and style go very well together. Find out more about this model or find a dealer close to you to experience all these great features yourself!


CK4030 H/CH

The Kioti CK 4030 H/CH compact tractors are powerful, very comfortable, and in compliance with the latest European emission regulations. That way, you get all the work done easily and eco-friendly! With 40 horsepower, these tractors are ready for whatever jobs need to be done. Just let the operator take place in the comfortable cabin with deluxe seat, power steering and cruise control, and get to work! Find out more about this tractor here, or find a dealer close to you for more information or a test drive!


CK3530 H/CH

The Kioti CK 3530 H/CH compact tractors are the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to make all their outside work easier. They are easy to operate, easy to maintain and powerful. Whether you want to transport materials, lift, mow or dig, this tractor is up for the task. With 35 horsepower, the Kioti 3530 is perfect for on farms, large estates, horse farms or councils. Its powerful engine is in compliance with the latest European emission regulations, and it comes with a comfortable cabin. Find out more about all the great features, or find a dealer close to you to experience all of them in real life!


CK 2630 D + H/CH

The Kioti CK 2630 compact tractors are reliable workhorses for around the farm, garden or other large outside area. They are easy to manoeuvre, have a tight turning radius and power steering. This means you can use them wherever you need, even on more difficult terrain. Thanks to the large driver platform, comfortable chair and adjustable steering wheel, the operator will always work ergonomically. And if you opt for a cabin (CK 2630 H/CH), you can even get a version with A/C for maximum comfort. Choose between a mechanical transmission (12 x 12, Kioti CK 2630 D) or a HST 3 range twin pedal (Ck 2630 H/CH). If you have any doubts about which version of the CK 2530 is best for you, or if you’d like a test drive, find out which dealer is closest to you! 


Need help choosing the right tractor?

Our dealers are happy to advise you and let you go for a test drive to experience the qualities of Kioti for yourself!