CK5030 H

Strong and comfortable compact tractors
Premium water-cooled diesel engine
HST 3 range twin pedal
Independent electric engagement with auto PTO feature
The power of CK5030 H

The Kioti CK 5030 H/CH models are strong and comfortable all at the same time. With 50 horsepower, a high lift capacity, 4-wheel drive and a powerful diesel engine, they will make sure you get the work done. No matter the task. And with a very comfortable cabin with a suspension seat, A/C and an ergonomic operator station, you will do all your tasks in comfort and efficiently. Just one look at this tractor, and you see that power and style go very well together. Find out more about this model or find a dealer close to you to experience all these great features yourself!

    Standard features

    ✓ Premium Kioti CRDI water-cooled diesel engine 50 hp 1826 CC

    ✓ Differential lock on rear axle

    ✓ Ergonomic driver platform

    ✓ Rear PTO and cat. 1 3 point linkage.

    ✓ Mechanical transmission 6 fwd. 2 rev gears

    Equipment & Panel

    Standard equipment

    • Premium Kioti 3 cylinder Diesel CRDI engine.
    • Rear 3 point linkage.
    • 1030 KG lift at Link arm ends.
    • Tight turning radius.
    • Power steering.
    • Adjustable steering wheel.
    • Comfortable driving seat.
    • Air Conditioning (Cabin Model).
    • Road Lights.
    • Work lights front and rear (Cabin model).
    • Heated rear windscreen (Cabin model).
    • Auto PTO.
    • Foldable rear ROPS (not Cabin).
    • Twin Pedal 3 range HST.
    • Front loader joystick.
    • 1 x Rear double acting spool valve (ROPS model).
    • 2 x Rear double acting spool valves (Cabin Model).
    • Four wheel drive.
    • Cruise HST.
    • Cruise PTO.
    • Linked Pedal.
    • Independent electric PTO.

    Optional equipment

    • Mid PTO.
    • Front linkage.
    • Front PTO.
    • Front loader, self levelling with bucket.
    • £rd service for front loader.
    • Additional rear spool valve (ROPS model).
    • Cartridge style lower link arms.

    Intrument panel

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    Meet the series

    The Kioti CK30 Series consists of several different models. Starting at the economical 25 HP CK2630, there are also 35, 40, and 50 horsepower models available for you to choose dependent upon your application.

    You can choose to have either Mechanical or HST transmission, open platform ROPS or a spacious factory cabin with heating, air conditioning and heated rear screen. The Kioti CK30 series is a premium range of tractors with a strength, style and specification to beat competitive makes. To do your work efficiently and comfortably, look for further details.