CX2510H-EU Hydrostatic Rear ROPS

Versatile and flexible compact tractors
24.5 hp (18.2 kW)
Premium water-cooled diesel engine
Manual (6 forward 2 reverse)
The power of CX2510H-EU Hydrostatic Rear ROPS

The Kioti CX 2510 compact tractors are flexible, comfortable and powerful. Perfect for work around the farm, garden or other estate, or any other outside area really. They have the power to take on the bigger tasks, and offer the operator an ergonomically designed workspace. You can choose between the three models in the CX10 series: M, H and CH. The difference lies mostly in the torque, that is 88 nm in the M and H model, and 105 in the CH model, and the transmission type. You can also choose between a manual (M model) and a hydrostatic (H and CH model) power transmission. Find out more about the different models here, or, if you have any doubts about what would be the right tractor for you, our dealers are happy to help you out!

    Standard features

    ✓ Premium water-cooled diesel engine 24,5 hp

    ✓ Joystick for front loader

    ✓ Ergonomic driver platform

    ✓ Mid PTO (opt.), Rear PTO Standard

    ✓ 3-point linkage

    ✓ High ground clearance

    Equipment & Panel

    Standard equipment

    • Premium Kioti Diesel engine.
    • Front loader Joystick.
    • 1 x Rear double acting spool valve.
    • Selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive.
    • Foldable rear ROPS (on HST model)
    • Mid ROPS on Mechanical.
    • Illuminated Dash panel.
    • Road Lights.
    • Twin pedal 2 range (HST).
    • 6 fwd. and 2 reverse gears. mech model.
    • Linked pedal (HST Cabin)
    • Power Steering.
    • HST Cruise (HST).
    • Comfortable driving seat.
    • Air conditioning (Cabin Model).
    • Heated rear screen and wiper (Cabin model)
    • Work lights front and rear (Cabin).
    • 740 kg lift at link arm end.

    Optional equipment

    • Front loader.
    • 3rd service kit
    • Mid PTO.
    • Mid Deck.
    • Front Linkage.
    • Front PTO.
    • Linked Pedal (HST ROPS).

    Instrument panel

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