HX1201 PC

A high-performance tractor with style and functionality
125 hp (93.2kw)
Premium water-cooled diesel engine
Mechanical 32 x 32
The power of HX1201 PC

The Kioti HX 1201 PC is our most powerful tractor yet. With 125 horsepower, this tractor is ready to take on any job that needs to be done. It combines its power with comfort and a rugged design, and really is the dependable workhorse you need in any professional setting. Enjoy all the great features the deluxe operator cabin has to offer, from A/C and heating to suspension seats and smooth response gear changes. Discover all standard and optional equipment here, or experience all the advantages of the Kioti HX yourself at your local dealer.

    Standard features

    ✓ CRDI Doosan diesel engine

    ✓ Power shuttle 32 fwd and 32 reverse gears

    ✓ LCD Dashboard with ECO Monitor

    ✓ Automatic PTO feature

    ✓ Grammar Air suspension seat

    ✓ Front and rear windshield wipers

    Equipment & Panel

    Standard equipment

    • Rear PTO
    • Mid PTO
    • Power steering
    • Parking brake
    • PTO guard
    • Cup holder
    • Hazard lights
    • Loader control if the loader is purchased with the tractor

    Optional equipment

    • Front hydraulic valve
    • Rear hydraulic valve
    • Rear working lights
    • Front weight kit (60 lbs.)
    • Cruise control
    • Side view mirror
    • Canopy kit
    • Grill guard
    • Front towing hook
    • Hydraulic filter guard
    • Rear wheel weights
    • Field option cab

    Intrument panel

    • Tachometer
    • Fuel gauge
    • Temperature gauge
    • Low fuel warning lamp

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