Power and flexibility
57.7 hp (43 kW)
Premium water-cooled diesel engine
Hydrostatic for H model
Synchromesh mechanical for HS and NHS models
Mechanical for C model
HST for CH model
HST (H and CH models)/Mechanical (C model)
The power of DK 6020 H/HS/NHS/C/CH

The professional compact tractor every serious business needs: that is the Kioti DK 6020. It comes in a wide variety of models, so you’ll always find the right fit for you. Choose between a foldable ROPS (H, HS and NHS model) or cabin (C or CH model) and between several different transmission types. But no matter what you choose, you’ll always have a powerful engine, that is in compliance with the latest European emission standards, and a comfortable operator station. Find out more about the different models here, or find the dealer that is closest to you, to experience all the different features in real life!

    Standard features

    ✓ Premium STAGE V diesel engine

    ✓ Rear, Mid and Front PTO, cruise PTO optional for cabin models

    ✓ High ground clearance (368 mm)

    ✓ Tight turning radius

    ✓ Power steering • Rear spool valve with detent option

    ✓ 4-wheel drive

    Equipment & Panel

    Standard equipment

    • Headlights
    • Signal lamp
    • Parking brake
    • Hydrostatic power steering
    • Wet disc brakes
    • 4WD
    • Rear PTO
    • Illuminated dashboard
    • Rear external 3-Pt control lever
    • Cup holder
    • Tilt steering
    • 2 port remote hydraulic valve
    • Horn
    • Deck mat
    • Toolbox
    • 7 pin socket
    • PTO cover

    Optional equipment

    • Mid PTO
    • Front weights
    • Rear weights (not available on turf tires)
    • 2 port remote hydraulic valve (spring or detent)
    • Clevis type drawbar
    • HST cruise
    • HST link pedal
    • Fuel heater
    • Block heater
    • Dual air cleaner
    • Telescopic link ends
    • Telescopic stabilizers
    • Side view mirror
    • Front grill guard
    • 3 pin socket
    • Front working light
    • Rear working light
    • Sun canopy
    • Power socket
    • Mid ROPS

    Intrument panel

    • Digital hour meter
    • Coolant temperature gauge
    • Tachometer
    • Fuel gauge
    • Engine oil pressure light
    • High beam, emergency flasher, turn signals
    • Glow plug light
    • Alternator light

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    Meet the series

    The Kioti DK30 series consists of several different compact tractor models: DK 4520 H/C/CH, DK 5020 HS/NHS/C, DK 6020H/HS/NHS and DK 6020 C/CH. They range from 45 to 57,7 horsepower and from 148 to 187 torque. Choose between a mechanical or HST transmission and pick all the options you need to really make it your own. Discover which one works best for you.