DK 4520 H

Professional and tough
Premium Stage V Kioti water-cooled CRDI diesel engine with DPF
HST 3 range twin pedal
Independent electro hydraulic engagement 540
The power of DK 4520 H

The Kioti DK 4520 H compact tractors are tough. They have a lot of power and a large lift capacity but are still lightweight and highly manoeuvrable, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of tasks. Whether you want to use them for heavy lifting, towing or to work the land without damaging it, these tractors will get you the professional result you’re looking for. The DK 4520 H has a spacious, easily accessed flat floored operator station with a folding rear ROPS. The twin pedal HST means that the operator can work long hours with minimal fatigue. Find out more about the Kioti DK 4520 H compact tractors here, or find a dealer to discover these workhorses in real life!

    Standard features

    ✓ Rear 540 RPM PTO

    ✓ Twin pedal 3 range HST

    ✓ Hydraulic power steering tilting steering wheel

    ✓ Tilting steering wheel

    ✓ Powerful 3-cylinder Kioti Stage V CRDI diesel engine with DPF

    ✓ High ground clearance (362 mm)

    ✓ 1717 kg lift at rear link arm end

    Equipment & Panel

    Standard equipment

    • Premium Kioti 3 cylinder diesel CRDI engine
    • Rear 3 point linkage
    • 1717 KG lift at link arm ends
    • Hydraulic power steering
    • Adjustable steering wheel
    • Comfortable driving seat with armrest
    • Road lights
    • Auto PTO
    • Foldable rear ROPS
    • Twin pedal 3 range HST
    • Front loader joystick
    • 2 x Rear double acting spool valves
    • Four wheel drive
    • Cruise PTO
    • Linked pedal
    • Independent electric PTO

    Optional equipment

    • Front linkage.
    • Front PTO
    • Front loader, self levelling with bucket
    • Third Service kit for front loader
    • Pallet tines
    • Rear spool valve with detent pump position
    • Beacon wiring harness
    • Automatic trailer hitch. mechanical or hydraulic extending
    • Quick type lower link arms
    • Front weights
    • Rear counter weight
    • Free flow return kit
    • Cruise HST
    • Front fender kit
    • Front working lamp

    Instrument panel

    • Tachometer
    • Fuel gauge
    • Temperature gauge
    • Low fuel warming lamp

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    Meet the series

    The Kioti DK Series consists of several different compact tractor models: DK 4520 H/CH, DK 5020 HS/NHS/C/CH and DK 6020H/HS/NHS/C/CH. They range from 45 to 60 horsepower using environment friendly and low noise and vibration Kioti engines. Choose between a mechanical or HST transmission and pick all the options you need to really make it your own. Discover which one works best for you.