Discover the world of Kioti farm tractors!

If you are looking for a first-class agricultural tractor with high-quality specifications, then Kioti is the right place. Kioti is the trade and brand name of Daedong Corporation, the largest manufacturer of agricultural and compact tractors in South Korea. Since 1968, we have been producing tractors according to agricultural industry standards that the farmer needs to carry out their work properly. Thanks to many years of experience, we understand the challenges in the agricultural sector like no other. And that is why, in addition to the suitable tractors for the farm, you will also find all the matching tools to meet these challenges.


Working with Kioti

Partnering with Kioti means you get the best support possible thanks to our experienced team and dealer network. Advice and assistance are always at your fingertips. You can be confident that you are buying a quality product: all new Kioti tractors come with a 5-year or 3000-hour manufacturer’s warranty! 

You get an agricultural tractor with high-quality specifications as standard. Kioti agricultural tractors are designed for comfort and efficiency and can be used for a wide range of tasks.

“Kioti tractors are sold in large volumes all over the world, including the EU. In Europe, we are supported by the Pols Group, a family business from Zuidland, Rotterdam. They have a large warehouse with spare parts that are distributed even at night from the head office. In the unlikely event that there is something wrong with your agricultural tractor, you will never have to wait long for parts and you will be able to move on quickly.”

Focus on innovation: make your work easier

The world is changing rapidly. We are constantly looking for ways to make your work easier, faster and better. That is why we invest a lot in the development of new products and new features for existing products. For example, we are the first to develop compact tractors with CRDI DPF environmentally conscious diesel engines.

These motors are known for their particularly low noise level and vibrations, they are very economical to use and extremely cost-effective. Our focus on innovation means you always have the best tools for every job you need to get done. And that is a pleasant feeling when working the land in a large robust tractor.

Always the right tractor to suit your farm

If you are looking for a suitable tractor for the farm, you have a huge number of options to choose from. How to choose the right one? This depends, among other things, on what you are going to use the tractor for. If you want a strong, powerful tractor that can be used not only on the farm, but also on the land, e.g. when working land, ploughing, cutting etc., consider a machine of about 60 hp or higher. 

Do you need the tractor to help you with all sorts of tasks on the farm, such as mowing grass or transporting materials? Then take a look at our compact tractors. (21-60 hp).

At Kioti you will find a wide range of compact tractors. Whatever you need, you will always find the perfect solution within our product range. And if you choose Kioti, you can be confident that you will get a high-quality product, with the best services.

Why choose a Kioti compact tractor for agricultural work?

Easy to use

Kioti tractors are highly intuitive to use and easy to maintain, thanks to the clever design of the cabins and the tractor hoods.


Kioti tractor has a light construction relative to its size, without compromising on power and reliability. This makes the machines more sustainable and more economical with fuel.

Comfortable seating

Suspension seats, plenty of room to move and many smart features make our cabins very comfortable.

Widely deployable tools

If you choose the right matching tools, you can use the Kioti tractor for any task you want.

In short, an agricultural tractor that is suitable for all tasks on the farm

On a farm, you have many different tasks that you perform throughout the year. Ploughing, mowing grass, transporting materials, feeding animals, haying… For all these different tasks, you want a tractor that is versatile and easy to use. After all, you don’t want to buy additional equipment for each task. Plus: the work should be made easier, not more complicated. And that, as you now know, is exactly what a Kioti tractor does on your farm.

Whether you are looking for a smaller agricultural tractor to help you with work, or a powerful machine to take on the bigger challenges: with Kioti agricultural machinery you can perform a maximum number of tasks with the minimum of effort.

Discover all the advantages of our different compact and larger tractor series. The best agricultural tractor can be found at Kioti.