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The most versatile tractor you’ve ever had

From grass cutting to winter maintenance, from digging trenches to moving around equipment or feed for your animals, and from pulling trailers to cultivating soil. If you’re looking for a premium quality versatile tractor that is up for any task, a Kioti compact tractor is what you need. Thanks to the broad range of tractors (from 21 to 140 hp), whether you’re a farmer, landscaper, gardener, government agency or (large) estate owner, there is always an option that will suit you perfectly.

A compact tractor for commercial farming: find the best ones at Kioti

COmmercial farming

Out on the land or around the yard. Whether you’re looking for a tough workhorse or a flexible tool that helps you with all the work around the farm, the Kioti range of tractors will give you a model of compact tractor that has what you need.

Hobby farm machinery: find the best hobby farm tractors and UTV's at Kioti

Hobby farming

The most important thing about a hobby farm is that it stays a hobby and fun and does not become just another full-time job. That is why you need the right tools to help you with your maintenance and do the jobs you need to do efficiently. Discover how a Kioti compact tractor does that and more!

Kioti compact tractor for smalllholder farming

Smallholder farming

The work on a small scale farm is never done. From mowing to digging, from carrying materials to feeding the animals, a Kioti compact tractor makes everything easier. You will find the range of Kioti front end loaders which are almost all self levelling will be a great help to you.

Kioti UTV K9 on a horse farm

Equestrian stables, arenas and paddocks

Maintaining a horse or horses comes with its own challenges. Stables need cleaning, hay needs transporting, the paddocks, menage arenas and tracks all need to be maintained. The horses will always be your main love and concern. Whatever your requirements, the range of Kioti compact tractors has a model that will take away any concerns you have about your compact tractor and maintenance so you can focus on the horses.

A Kioti compact tractor for deck mowing and more

Garden maintenance

Having a large garden or estate is great, but it can also be a lot of work if you are not properly equipped. With a Kioti compact tractor, it takes a lot less time and energy and keeps the enjoyment and fun levels high.

Grounds maintenance with a compact tractor from Kioti

Grounds maintenance

Government agencies and contractors engaged in grass cutting, winter maintenance, looking after parks and public outdoor spaces need flexible and economical tools that can be used all year round.

Golf course maintenance with a Kioti compact tractor

Golf course and sports grounds maintenance

Golf players and other players of sports do not always appreciate all the work that goes into creating a beautiful playing surface and surroundings. With a Kioti compact tractor, all that work gets done easier and faster. Whether you choose an open platform or factory cabin, a Kioti compact tractor will ensure that you are comfortable for work even when the days are long. The wide range of tires that are available from Kioti will ensure you have the right amount of grip whilst at the same time protecting the turf.

UTV Vehicle

Looking for an easy and safe way to transport yourself, your staff and all your materials around your farm, grounds, woodlands or other off-road terrains? Look no further: a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is what you need. It’s a tough type of vehicle, a real workhorse, and a lot of fun! It doesn’t matter what ground terrains you drive on, a UTV will take you where you need to go. Discover the Kioti K9 UTV vehicles: tough, reliable and very comfortable!

Why we think Kioti has the best compact tractors

Kioti offers a full range of (compact) tractors, from 21 to 140 hp. They are tough, reliable, versatile and comfortable, manufactured by South Korea’s largest manufacturer in tractors. Because all parts of Kioti tractors are produced by the same manufacturer, you can be sure the quality of each individual part of your tractor is of the same high quality. And if something is wrong, you can rely on a 5 year (3000 hours) warranty for all compact tractors and an extensive network of experienced dealers throughout the UK and even in the Netherlands. That means you never have to worry about your Kioti compact tractor and that is why we think we have the best compact tractors. 

Why choose a Kioti compact tractor?

5 years (3000 hours) warranty

We feel so confident about the quality of our compact tractors, that we happily offer you a 5 year (3000 hour) warranty.

Great manoeuvrability

Forwards, backwards, twist and turn: Kioti compact tractors are very manoeuvrable, even in the tightest of spaces.


Air-conditioned and heated cabin, suspended seats, plenty of legroom and an adjustable steering wheel: you might not want to get out of your tractor.

Powerful, environmentally friendly engines

The premium diesel engines of Kioti compact tractors are powerful and in compliance with the latest European rules when it comes to emissions.

All our options

No matter the challenge, we have a tractor that will suit your needs. Go for a real compact tractor (21 – 60 hp) for the smaller jobs, or pick a bigger tractor (60 – 115 hp) for the heavier work. 

CS Series

Dynamic and compact
21-25 HP
Easy to operate, powerful and ready for a large variety of tasks.

CX Series

Versatile and powerful
24,5 HP

A tractor for all: all purposes, all seasons and all users.

CK Series

Flexible and comfortable
25–50 HP
Compact but powerful: the CK Series are the workhorse you’re looking for.

DK Series

Strong and reliable
45–60 HP

High-performance compact tractors with impressive power and smooth handling.

RX Series

Versatile and tough
73 HP
So many features that it’s up for anything.

HX Series

Powerful and dependable
103–125 HP
The tractor every large landowner or commercial farmer is looking for.

Need help choosing the right tractor?

Our dealers are happy to advise you and let you go for a test drive to experience the qualities of Kioti for yourself!